Yes. Looper’s director wants you to listen to an iPod in the theatre.

With all of the branding going on out there to drive traffic to the box office I am actually a bit surprised no one has thought of this sooner. Production companies and directors alike have executed some pretty unique and engaging branding experiences, but this may be the first time I have heard a director encouraging fans to plug into their iPod in the theatre.

This is a pretty cool idea. In order to encourage repeat in-theatre viewings of Looper (currently in theatres), director Rian Johnson has released a commentary track which is meant to be played simultaneously with the movie. In movie theaters, on your personal device. The next time you’re at the cineplex, the guy sitting next to you with huge headphones on might not be crazy after all.

Looper, a nifty time-traveling flick starring Bruce Willis, came out in the United States on September 28, and was the 2nd highest grossing movie during its first week. The second weekend, it tumbled down to 4th place. So this is a pretty cool idea to try to get people who went to the movie once and loved it back into movie theaters. According to the Looper blog, the commentary available to download will not appear on the Blu-ray or the DVD extras, and is specially written for viewing in movie theatres. It’s a great idea, and the first time I’ve heard of a promotion like this.

Interested Looper fans can download the commentary here.


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